Reverse Engineer

My name is Maarten Oostdam and I am your reverse engineer. I make use of a special technique not really known yet in the Netherlands. In short reverse engineering is the reversed design of an existing tangible product.


You can make use of reverse engineering when:

  • You want to shorten the production or development time.
  • You want to shorten the production process.
  • You want to improve an existing product.
  • You don’t have the original design.
  • You want to check a CAD design.


With the knowledge I gained from being a mechanical engineer, I can remove any imperfections from the 3D scan. Your object contains production intolerances and sometimes wear and damages. By removing these imperfections I can produce a clean design in the form of a 3D CAD model.

3D scanning

I work together with companies who are specialised in the scanning of a product.

Added value of Oostdam Engineering


The scanning of a product only shows the construction of the product. Oostdam Engineering turns a point cloud into an accurate, made-to-measure 3D CAD model which enables you to do more than just study the design.




I use reverse engineering to make clean geometric CAD designs or parametric designs if requested. I can quickly and flexibly deliver a customizable 3d CAD model.   




I will show you how it works in a PowerPoint presentation. 



presentation reverse engineering
PowerPoint presentation


Do you want to know more about Oostdam Engineering, don’t hesitate and contact me on +31 6 51 20 51 89.

Oostdam Engineering * T +31 6 51 20 51 89

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