Reverse Engineering


Reverse engineering is the determination of a design on the basis of an object. This will result in the so-called 3D CAD model. When using the most common reverse engineering technique, you can only see what the product looks like. Oostdam Engineering uses a revolutionary technique however, which not only makes it possible to see what a product looks like, but you can also change the design! Imagine the amount of work being saved by this!


I call this the 3rd generation reverse engineering technique; a technique still unknown in the Netherlands.


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Why reverse engineering?

   You want to improve a product and you need a 3D CAD model.

    You want to determine the design of a product.

    You want to develop a competing product on the basis of an existing object.

   You don’t have a design (anymore).


3rd Generation Reverse Engineering

• Do you make metallic or plastic products of 3 mm up to 3 meters?

• Do you make mechanical parts or objects?


If the answer to the questions above is yes, reverse engineering can be of interest to you. Contact me today to discuss the possibilities.

Contact me for further details.

Reverse engineering: for whom?

explanation 3rd Generation Reverse Engineering
3rd Generation Reverse Engineering

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